Cascadian Farm Organic Fruit and Nut Granola Cereal – Review

I’ve always been a big breakfast eater, and my favorite go-to breakfast item is cereal. I eat a wide variety (because I’m really not picky at all!), but knowing it can be packed with empty calories and sugar, I try to choose cereals that are decently healthy. My newest favorite cereal is Cascadian Farm Organic Fruit and Nut Granola. It is so delicious!

I really do like granola cereals but sometimes they can feel really heavy or so crunchy you feel like you may break your teeth chewing! This one is definitely hearty with a good level of crunchiness, and the cranberries and raisins add a great element of chewiness. Especially for a granola cereal (which have probably more ingredients than most), this one has just the basics: whole grain oats, sugar, rice, sunflower oil, raisins, tapioca syrup, rice maltodextrin, sunflower seeds, almonds, molasses, dried cranberries, sea salt, soy lecithin, malted barley extract and vanilla extract. I’ve also tried Cascadian Farm Organic Maple Brown Sugar Granola, which is also very tasty!

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