Ambre Blends – Review

I absolutely love this fragrance oil! My sister-in-law introduced me to this product line and all the scents smell awesome.  I have the 10ml Essence and the 2oz. Spritzer of the Ambre Essence and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff.  I promise people will ask you what you are wearing.

I was told you put it at the crease of your arm and rub it in with your wrists. The idea is that it works with your body heat and chemistry.  So it smells different on everyone.  Though I will tell you that it seems to have the same super clean and fresh smell on the people I know that wear it.  The Ambre Essence scent is my favorite! You want to just keep smelling your arm.  It is AMAZING!

The other great things I love about these oils is that they are made with 100% pure and organic ingredients, hand-made, worn by both men and women and created and owned by a local Indianapolis woman.  So cool!

To learn more about the making of this company and product, visit their website.  You will also see they offer three other scents, body creams, soap, candles and lip balm.  This product is distributed nationally at spas, salons and specialty boutiques.  To find a retailer in your area you can use the store locator on their site.

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