Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food and Cookies – Review

Please note: The nutritional values for the Ella’s Kitchen Spinach, Apples + Rutabagas puree as stated in my original post are inaccurate. A couple readers brought this labeling error to my attention. I have since then contacted Ella’s Kitchen to clarify why the labels indicated such over-inflated nutritional values. I’ve copied and pasted their response at the end of this post, as well as what the corrected nutritional values now state. In my opinion, their rationale is a bit convoluted, to say the least, but I’ll let you decipher the reason for yourselves. Thank you to those who brought this issue to my attention!


The plethora of baby food options out there is overwhelming. Unless you plan to make your own (which is certainly a good idea), you can easily spend a half hour just in the purees alone before even getting to the puffs, melts, cookies and biscuits. To help weed out some of the options, I first make sure it is organic and that the packaging is BPA free. Some of my favorite brands to stick with are Plum Organics, Earth’s Best, HappyBaby, and most recently, Ella’s Kitchen (all of which can be found at Target!).

I really like the purees that have fruit and veggie combos. As previously noted, my son doesn’t care too much for green beans or peas. The Ella’s Kitchen purees have great mixes like spinach, apples + rutabagas, which he surprisingly loves! And the best part…this particular one has 100% daily value for Vitamin A, 70% for calcium and 120% for iron! The purees contain no added water, preservatives or thickeners, no “E numbers” or genetically modified ingredients, no gluten, wheat, dairy or lactose or anything artificial. Just as if you were to have made it at home yourself! Another great fruit/veggie combo he enjoys is sweet potato, pumpkin, apples + blueberries…mmmm!

I’ve also tried Ella’s Kitchen Yum Yummy Apple + Ginger Cookies. They only contain eight organic ingredients, none of which include added sugar (only naturally occurring sugar from the apple puree). They’re individually wrapped, keeping them fresh and making them perfect for on-the-go. I do still cut them up into little squares because my son has a tendency to bite big chunks when given the opportunity, but it’s a good next step from puffs and melts. Ella’s Kitchen also carries Yum Yummy Milk and Vanilla Cookies, but since my son has a milk allergy (we think), I’ve not given these to him.

The next product I plan to try is Ella’s Kitchen Nibbly Fingers. These seem like another wholesome, finger-friendly food my son will enjoy. 🙂

Revised nutritional values for Ella’s Kitchen Spinach, Apples and Rutabagas puree are below

Old Label New Label

Iron = 120% Iron = 4%

Vitamin A = 100% Vitamin A = 50%

Calcium = 70% Calcium = 4%

Vitamin C = 15% Vitamin C = 0%

Protein = 9% Protein = 6%

Calories = 30 Calories = 45

Total Fat = 0 g Total Fat = 0 g

Sodium = 20 mg Sodium = 75 mg

Total Carbohydrates = 9 g Total Carbohydrates = 10 g

Dietary Fiber = 2 g Dietary Fiber = 2 g

Sugars = 7 g Sugars = 6 g

Protein = 1 g Protein = 1 g

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