Spry Tooth Gel and Baby Banana Toothbrush – Review

As my 1-year-old’s teeth are starting to push through his little gums, I purchased the Spry Tooth Gel and Baby Banana Toothbrush combo from Whole Foods.

The gel is made of all natural xylitol, which is a sweetener found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables, as well as in oats and even hardwood. I know what you’re thinking…why would you want to brush your child’s teeth with a sweetener?? How could this at all be beneficial?? I’ve learned it actually was first introduced in Europe as a safe sweetener for those with diabetes, as it doesn’t affect one’s insulin levels. Additionally, xylitol has found over and over again in clinical studies to have dental benefits. Who knew?? In layman’s terms, apparently, bacteria cannot stick to teeth in a xylitol-rich environment due to its chemical structure. On the manufacturer’s website for the product, it states it may also promote optimal calcium absorption and the development of tooth enamel.

So not only is the gel safe to swallow (safe for babies three months and up), fluoride-free and shown to promote a healthy environment for developing teeth, this particular tube is naturally flavored with strawberry and banana…a winning combo for me and my son! My only complaint would be that it may be too tasty, haha, as he seems to slurp up the gel before I can get it onto his little teeth!

I should also mention the fun baby banana brush – made entirely of 100% high-quality silicon, including the soft bristles. It fits perfectly in my little man’s hands, and he loves chewing on it. Seriously, he gets a big smile when he sees I’m going to brush his little pearly whites.

Another interesting tidbit – the manufacturer of Spry, Xlear, also makes other xylitol products, including gum, candy, mints, and even jams!

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