Teeccino – Review

We never used to drink coffee until one day my husband decided to start! Sadly, he has a bit of a Starbuck’s addiction. He even asked for a Keurig for his birthday last year so he could easily make coffee at home. It was not a new habit I was thrilled about.

Anyways, one day I saw a lady talking about Teeccino, a caffeine-free, “herbal coffee.” She said she had a 4-cup-a-day coffee addiction and switched over to Teeccino, and how after a little time she actually preferred the Teeccino. I thought we would give it a try!

In case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “Tee-CHEE-noh,” and they advertise themselves as “America’s #1 Coffee Alternative.” It’s non-acidic and caffeine free, so some people even give it to their kids as a hot chocolate alternative! I’m guessing if your kids have ever had hot chocolate, they will still prefer the hot chocolate. 🙂

You make it just like coffee in your coffeemaker. In my Keurig, I can use the individual ‘My K-cup’ and make it that way, which is really nice when you just want to make one cup. The aroma of this is really good!! It is very flavorful, but I definitely wouldn’t say it tastes like coffee. I don’t like to drink it black because there is a little ‘tang’ that gets you at the end.

The first flavor we tried was Hazelnut, and with a little cream/creamer, it was really pretty good. The next flavor we tried was Mocha, and I actually prefer this to the Hazelnut. Like coffee, I don’t think the actual flavors really come through (so I don’t taste either the Hazelnut or the Mocha), but the Mocha flavor to me doesn’t have quite as much ‘tang’ at the end as the Hazelnut. I think it’s a little more mild. I actually really like the Mocha. Especially with a little cream/creamer. 🙂

The main ingredients are roasted organic carob, organic barley, organic chicory, dates, and almonds, and then each flavor has it’s own set of additional ingredients. It’s actually shocking how much this looks like ground coffee out of the bag. Also, it looks like dark roasted coffee once made.

Both varieties I’ve tried have been the ‘Mediterranean’ style that is sweetened with figs and dates, but Teeccino also makes a Mayan style – they say “pure flavor that is preferred by those who enjoy the bitter profile of unsweetened coffee.” I may try this one next, because I’m thinking the ‘tangy’ aftertaste is due to the dates and figs. I’ll have to update this if I try a Mayan version! They actually have many different varieties – check out their website!

I almost ordered this off Amazon, but then I found out that they carry it at my local Whole Foods. Next time I’m there, I’m going to check out what other varieties they have!

Oh yes, I almost forgot… my husband actually likes this, too! I don’t think he’d switch over 100% to this from coffee, but mostly because they don’t make it in K-cups for the Keurig, and the My K-cup is a bit of a pain to wash out. If I make it for him and he doesn’t have his heart set on a cup of actual coffee, he will swap out the coffee for the Teeccino.

Edited to Add: If you are gluten-sensitive or intolerant, please note that this product contains barley.

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