All Natural Veggie Wash – Review

We’ve been using this All Natural Veggie Wash for several years to wash fruits and veggies. On the back of the bottle, it says, “Laboratory tested and proven to remove unwanted residues (wax, soil and agricultural chemicals) significantly better than water rinsing alone!” It’s made with organic citrus and coconut.

We buy organic produce as much as possible, but lately I’ve even been reading that sometimes even organic produce is coated in wax to preserve it! I use this spray on pretty much all of our produce.

On harder things like apples, cucumbers, peppers, etc., you just spray, rub, and rinse. For soft or leafy produce (spinach, broccoli, strawberries), just fill the bottom of the sink with water, add some of the Veggie Wash, and swish. Then rinse. The Veggie Wash site has directions as well.

I get this at the grocery store, and I’ve always found it in the produce section. It works great!


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