Alterna Bamboo Style Freestyle Flexible Control Gel – Review

I have been on the hunt to replace my existing hair products and ran across this brand, Alterna, at a local beauty supply store. I decided to just try their hair gel first and sadly I have to report I really did not like this particular product at all. The instant I put it into my wet hair, it was super sticky. I was a little nervous from that point on. So as I went through my normal blow drying, it is almost hard to run my fingers through it. Then I got out my flat brush hoping this would help and now it just looks and feels dry. So as the day has gone on, my hair is dry and tangled to the touch. I should say I do have moderately thick hair.

The Bamboo line is made with certified organic and natural ingredients, but unfortunately this gel does not work like a gel should work. It says for all hair types, but not thinking so!I am not going to give up on this line that easy though. I want to still try their shampoo and condition and I also purchased a straightening balm out of their Hemp line. Hoping to have better luck next time, but would have loved to use all the same product line from shampooing to finish!


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