Annie Chun’s Potstickers and Mini Wontons – Review

In my quest for quick and tasty lunches, I have recently come across Annie Chun’s Potstickers and Mini Wontons in the frozen food section of Super Target. I’ve also seen this brand at Whole Foods. I just LOVE the Organic Chicken & Vegetable Potstickers and Chicken & Garlic Mini Wontons (pictured below).

Like all Annie Chun’s products, they are made with all natural ingredients, and their chicken is raised without antibiotics. They’re fully cooked so all you have to do is heat them up! You can pan fry, microwave or add them to chicken broth for a soup. I choose to pan fry them in butter and add some veggies, ususally broccoli, edamame or sugar snap peas…oh my goodness they are SO delicious and easy!

Crispy on the outside and oh so flavorful on the inside. One package may be two meals for some people, but I have no problem eating the whole bag myself. 🙂 I’m a big eater. There are also pork and vegetarian versions of the mini wontons and potstickers. Annie Chun’s also makes other packaged Asian cuisines such as noodles, soups, rice and sauces. Maybe someday I’ll get brave and try to put together an Asian dish with another one of Annie Chun’s products, but for now, I highly recommend giving the potstickers or wontons a try – you won’t be disappointed!
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