Badger SPF 30 Unscented Natural Sunscreen – Review

With a massive variety of sunscreens available on the market, when it comes to my kids, safety is my first concern. There are all kinds of controversies over sunscreens lately in mainstream media… do they really block the harmful rays? Do they actually CAUSE cancer? In addition, traditionally sunscreens have relied upon hormone-disrupting chemicals, nanoparticals that enter the bloodstream, and are sometimes even sprayed on, potentially causing damage to the lungs over time from inhalation of the chemicals (the FDA is investigating the toxicity of spray sunscreens).

You can read all about sunscreens in the EWG’s Sunscreen Guide to find out the dangers of many sunscreens and to find safer alternatives.

One sunscreen that I found for my kids is the Badger SPF 30 Unscented Natural Sunscreen.

I’ve used it last summer and this summer, and it really does a great job at keeping their skin from burning in this hot sun! I like it for several reasons:

It is a physical sunscreen, made from minerals instead of chemicals
It is made with non-nano minerals (they don’t enter the bloodstream)
It is water resistant
It is certified natural by the Natural Products Association
It gets great safety ratings at both EWG and GoodGuide!

This sunscreen is extremely THICK, so a little goes a long way. Also, because it is a physical sunscreen, my kids look slightly paste-y after I rub it into their skin! But recently we were out in the midday sun for several hours in the pool, and their cheeks and shoulders weren’t even the slightest bit pink. This stuff really does its job. I’ve found that the only time it rubs off a bit is when my kids are physically rubbing and wiping their faces when they are in the pool. But if they are just playing in the pool, and not rubbing at their faces, this stays on just fine.

I have also tried the Lightly Scented Lavender version of this, but I do prefer the Unscented.

You can visit the Badger website to see their selection of other sunscreens, body care products, and even bug sprays!


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