Immaculate All Natural Chocolate Chunk Cookies – Review

My husband and I are suckers for some good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies once in a while. I came across a new break-and-bake brand the other day at Target called Immaculate Baking Co. They sell all-natural and organic cookie dough (among other refrigerated dough products like biscuits, scones and pie crusts).

Target also sells Ginger Spice and Vanilla Sugar cookie dough varieties. Let me tell you…they are delicious! Slightly embarrassed to admit, out of the 24 cookies in the package, I ate 9 all by myself right out of the oven! The ingredients include organic unbleached wheat flour, organic light brown sugar, organic palm fruit oil, chocolate chunks and chips, whole eggs, organic evaporated cane juice, organic invert cane sugar, vanilla, sea salt, baking soda and baking powder. Just the way I like it – all of the goods without the mess! 🙂

A little fun fact – the company gives back by donating art supplies, offering folk art workshops and holding “giant” bake sales, one of which set the Guinness record for baking the world’s largest cookie at 102 feet in diameter!


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