Nature’s Path Organic Love Crunch Granola – Review

Granola is my quick go to breakfast in the morning.  I try to make sure it consists of just a few simple ingredients, is organic and/or non-GMO.  Nature’s Path Organic’s meets all the above criteria.  I recently found their Love Crunch line.  I grabbed the Apple Crumble and it is awesome!!  There are little pieces of freeze dried green apple, pecans and cinnamon, it just sounds yum and IT IS!  As an added bonus it contains omega-3 and fiber-rich Chia seeds.

There are 4 different combinations in this premium line, Apple Crumble, Aloha Blend, Carrot Cake and Dark Chocolate and Red Berries.  The Dark Chocolate and Red Berries was a limited edition released for Valentine’s Day.  It is made with real organic italian chocolate, freeze dried berries and organic flax seeds.  I found some today at Whole Foods and you can get it in bulk on Amazon as well (this saves you about $1 per bag)!

So here is another cool thing about this company, they have a program called Bite4Bite.  For every bag you buy they will donate the equivalent in cash or organic food to food banks, up to $1 million per year.  I love this!  This granola is very appropriately named.


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