Alba Botanica Lip Balm – Review

I bought this lip balm because it is made by Alba and isn’t petroleum-based, AND it was on sale at CVS!  In terms of lip balm, my current fave has been Burt’s Bees.  But since this was on sale, I decided to give the Alba Botanica Lip Balm a shot.

I am IMPRESSED!  It’s extremely moisturizing, and what I love is that it is a bit glossy.  It is extremely hydrating, it doesn’t just sit on top of your lips.  I bought two different scents, Passion Fruit Nectar and Coconut Cream.  Yumm-o.

The texture once it’s on your lips is fantastic.  The only slight downside is this… you know how some things can have an aftertaste?  Well, I thought the Coconut Cream has a slight ‘after-smell’ if there is such a thing.  It initially smells like creamy coconut, but if you squinch your lips up to your nose to see how it smells, it has an un-coconut after-smell.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  But since I don’t walk around all day with my lips squinched up to my nose, it certainly isn’t a turn-off.  In fact, I think this my new favorite lip balm.

I should also mention that the Passion Fruit made me feel all nostalgic – it smells like one of the Bonnie Bell lip balms I had as a kid. *smile*  Next time I need a refill on this, I’m probably going to try the Pineapple Quench as well.  Mmmm.

I sure am thankful for the CVS sale because I probably wouldn’t have had a reason to try this!  But I am most definitely glad that I did.  This one was not a bust.  🙂


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