Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid – Review

When I first started switching over my cleaning products to more natural items, dish soap was one of the first things I tried to find. I clean our Vitamix every day with a few drops of dish soap, and I kind of used to freak out about rinsing every last sud out since I was making the kids smoothies in there daily! I didn’t want there to be any harmful dish soap residue in there!

Because it was at the grocery store (easily accessible) and it was reasonably priced, I tried this Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid.

This works great! It’s comparable to what I had been using previously. I like that the back says “Seventh Generation products, although not intended for consumption, aren’t poisonous.” It makes me feel a little better about using it on our dishes daily. I know we’ve mentioned it on our blog before, but Seventh Generation is a company that discloses all the ingredients on its product labels.

Although this has a better Health Score at GoodGuide than many mass-market brands, I think I will still keep looking because there are some alternatives that score much better. But until I can find something that is convenient to buy and reasonably priced, I am sticking with this for now!


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