So Delicious Dairy Free Organic Chocolate Milk – Review

So I am on a kick with the products offered by So Delicious! I thought while I was mentioning the benefits of coconuts, it just made sense to include another household favorite. So Delicious offers so many wonderful dairy alternatives. My son’s drink of choice is their single serve chocolate coconut milk.

We made the mistake at one point of introducing him to a ‘chocolate’ dairy-free milk alternative and now this is his favorite drink, of course! His one glass of milk a day usually is 80% original coconut or almond milk then we add a little chocolate milk alternative at the top of the glass. Getting one of these whole boxes is a real treat for him. Though I am not too upset as this only has 8 grams of sugar compared to other dairy free chocolate milk options and it tastes so good! We do still try to make sure that he mainly drinks water, but these are nice when the situation calls.

I usually find it at Whole Foods and it is in their shelf stable milk area as well as the refrigerated section. They also sell the chocolate coconut milk in a 32 oz. size. The single serve is just easy, convenient and good for when we are on the go!


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