So Delicious Greek Style Dairy Free Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt – Review

I am so excited about this dairy free yogurt from So Delicious. When our family went dairy free a year or so ago, due to discovering my oldest son was sensitive, I knew I would miss my 100 Calorie yogurt snacks. There are so many great health benefits to coconuts and their oil and milk, making this an even better dairy yogurt replacement. Honestly, I have tried many other yogurt wanna be’s and just none had the tangy taste or creaminess of a dairy yogurt…until now, with the Greek Style!

The consistency is not gritty, nor is it super sweet like some dairy free yogurts I have tried. It has only 12 grams of sugar and is truly “So Delicious”. I love it by itself or with a little granola on top or mixed in. They have 4 flavors, vanilla, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry. I have had them all and there is not a bad one in the bunch. The fruit ones do have real fruit pieces in them, too. I am so happy to bring back a healthy snack, side to a lunch or even a quick breakfast option. When you have to eliminate something like all dairy from your diet, at times you do feel like you are missing out a little on things. I love finding an equivalent or even better replacement and with such good quality ingredients.

All the nutrition content, ingredients and allergens are listed on the company website.


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