Soap Dreams Beer Soap – Review

We were recently contacted by Jamie at Soap Dreams to see if we would like to sample her handmade Beer Soaps. Well, of course we would! Natural soaps are something I think we’re all still feeling out, trying to find a good one.

All the ingredients in the beer soaps are listed both on the soap packaging and on the website for each product. Why beer, you ask? In addition to it being a bit of a novelty, Soap Dreams states that using beer as a base for soap is great for cleansing, lathering, and moisturizing.

I know one of the ingredients we were all wondering about on the labels was ‘sodium hydroxide’ – in case you are also curious, according to Jamie at Soap Dreams, sodium hydroxide is actually the lye used in the soap making process. The final product no longer contains lye, as it is not left in the soap after it has cured for 4 weeks. I have seen this ingredient on other natural soaps before as well, and the same ‘note’ was attached… sodium hydroxide is not in the final product. Just in case you were wondering what that un-natural-sounding ingredient was. 😉

This soap comes in lots of yummy scents. There may be different therapeutic qualities to the different soaps as well. Some have said, for instance, that the charcoal beer soap is great for acne-prone skin. The plain beer soaps and the carrot beer soap do not contain fragrance oils, so they are safe for most people to use on their faces.

Jamie was generous enough to send each of us some samples of her handmade beer soaps to try. I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and I thought these little blue bows were a cute touch…

Here is my (Angie’s) review of the Beer Soap… I think this soap is great! It is definitely moisturizing, and it lathers GREAT. These soaps smell great, too. One other thing that I really noticed is that my full bar lasted a really long time. I wish I would have actually tracked how long the full bar lasted because it was pretty amazing. I used it every day in the shower, and I also used it on my face! (Even though my full-sized bar was Strawberry Rhubarb, I still used it on my face in the shower and didn’t have any issues). I had a smaller sample of the Carrot Beer Soap, and I used that on my face at the sink. In the daytime, I actually didn’t even need moisturizer after I used this to wash my face! Overall, I think these soaps are unique, good-for-you, and are great at lathering, moisturizing, and cleansing.

From April… I love this soap! I had the full bar of the Honeydew Melon to try. Oh, it smelled so good! It has such a light clean smell. At first I was using it really sparingly, just in my nighttime baths. I then started trying it on my face, thanks to Angie’s suggestion, and it worked well as a face wash too. It lathers really well and was moisturizing too. I would love to try the Carrot soap, which is supposed to be the best one for your face. The Honeydew Melon did not disappoint though!

From Shannon… I first tried natural soap about 6 months ago and I haven’t looked back. I thought I would have a difficult time transitioning from my typical Dove bar soap but I didn’t at all! The Curry Almond Beer Soap by Soap Dreams was so nice! It created a much better lather than any other natural soap I’ve tried. This particular scent also has little bits of almond in it so it’s great to use if you want to exfoliate a bit, too! 🙂

From Katie… Testing out the soap samples from Soap Dreams was the first time I had tried any sort of natural soap. Having said that, I didn’t think it would have much of a lather, but (as you’ve read above), it really does lather great and seems to be quite moisturizing. Here are some of my favs… The most fragrant one I tried was the Chamomile Beer Soap. I loved the flowery scent. There are some large bits of actual chamomile laced in the soap that I didn’t totally love, but other than that, I would say this was my favorite. The other really great scented one was the Cornmint and Green Tea Beer Soap – it smelled as if I was walking out of an aromatherapeutic spa after showering…ahhh! The soap that caught me by surprise a bit was the dark gray Bergamot Charcoal Beer Soap bar. My first thought was, “Um…I’m going to be bathing in charcoal???” And although the light gray tinted lather can be slightly off-putting for a soap, you get over it pretty quickly after smelling the fragrant bergamot essential oil. And, as I’ve learned from the product’s web page, bamboo-activated charcoal actually cleanses and moisturizes better! This definitely also ended up being one of my favs. 🙂

Thanks, Jamie, for letting us try your awesome soaps! If you are interested in purchasing Beer Soap from Soap Dreams, you can check out their retailers page to see if there is one in your area, or you can simply order from their website.


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