Wellshire Chicken Franks – Review

These are one of our favorite lunch items. They taste so good and are all natural, free of preservatives, nitrates, nitrites and antibiotics. I love that they only have 6 ingredients, chicken, water, sea salt, vinegar, evaporated cane juice, natural flavorings. This is a great lunch option to have on hand for kids!

The only downside is that they are extremely hard to find (not just in stores but even to get a good picture on this post…Angie, HELP!!). The Whole Foods I normally shop has them sometimes. The Whole Foods in Nora usually always carries them, it is just a bit harder to get there as often as the Whole Foods in Clay Terrace. So I stock up when I find them and freeze them. They are usually thawed out by lunch if I pull them out in the morning.

Wellshire Farms has lots of natural meat options, even a turkey frank, which we have also tried. We really like them both, but the chicken franks are our favorites. You can purchase them in bulk from their site if you don’t have a Whole Foods that is close to you. I even asked at the customer service desk at our Whole Foods about placing a special order through them and they told me it was not possible. These hotdogs are so yummy it is worth trying to find, buy and freeze them.

So keep your eye out for these as they are a yummy healthy alternative to the classic hotdog and kids love them! If anyone finds another or more convenient place that carries them regularly, please let me know.


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