HappyBaby Organic Greens Puffs – Review

If any of you out there have little ones who will not eat their greens, you’ll love this product! My 9-month-old is beginning to show his likes and dislikes with foods, and he’s certainly shown me that peas and green beans are definitely not his favorite, to say the least. He literally gags!

So, scavenging the grocery food aisles for some greens in a form he’ll eat, I came across HappyBaby Organic Greens Puffs!

Not only do the puffs include organic spinach, collard greens and kale, they contain choline and have half the sugar of other puffs because they’re sweetened with 100% fruit juice. My son loves them! I realize this shouldn’t be his only source of greens, but anywhere he can get them, I’ll take it!

I found them at Whole Foods but have since then seen HappyBaby banana puffs at Target. HappyBaby also makes puffs in apple, gluten free strawberry and gluten free sweet potato.