Wellshire Chicken Franks – Review

These are one of our favorite lunch items. They taste so good and are all natural, free of preservatives, nitrates, nitrites and antibiotics. I love that they only have 6 ingredients, chicken, water, sea salt, vinegar, evaporated cane juice, natural flavorings. This is a great lunch option to have on hand for kids! The only downside is that[…]

Pillsbury Simply Chocolate Chip Cookies – Review

The kids are asleep. I’m sitting on my couch, sipping tea, and eating Pillsbury Simply Chocolate Chip Cookies. Ahhhh, life is good! Have you heard of the Simply line from Pillsbury? There are Simply biscuits, cookies, and bread. They contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup. The cookie package says, “made just[…]

Wholly Guacamole – Review

My hubby and I LOVE guacamole. It’s one of our favorite things about going on vacation to Mexico, drinking Changuitas and eating authentic chips and guac by the beach. 🙂 I don’t tend to make it very often at home, though, because it goes bad so fast!! And most packaged guacamoles I’ve tried in the past have definitely[…]

Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter – Review

Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter is the best butter we’ve ever had! My original goal was to find butter made from raw, grass-fed cow’s milk (cream) so I purchased some from my co-op and from a couple of different local farms. They were delicious, however, they were difficult to spread and didn’t last very long. From my experience, raw[…]

Aveda Comforting Tea Bags – Review

My neighbor Crystal introduced me to this tea a couple years ago. For several months we were addicted to it. I’m talking more than one cup a day addicted. Finally spring came and the warmer weather cured our addiction. But every fall and winter, I’m back to craving this tea. Aveda Comforting Tea is 100% organic and has[…]

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – Review

Oh my, not only does Justin’s make some of the best organic peanut butter and almond butter…his peanut butter cups are awesome!! His nut butter line is fairly extensive with honey and chocolate flavored butters, too. There is even a Chocolate Hazelnut Blend which I cannot wait to try. I would imagine that Nutella lovers might convert over![…]

La Croix Sparkling Water – Review

I really only just drink water, but lately I’ve been a bit ‘watered-out.’ You know when you’re thirsty but you’d rather have something other than water? For some reason, I just want something with a little flavor. I came across this La Croix Sparkling Water at Target last time I was there and decided to pick it up.[…]

Coleman Natural Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon – Review

Our family loves breakfast so we were thrilled when we found Coleman Natural Bacon at Costco. It is uncured, has no added nitrates or nitrites, and is made with “all natural” pork. And guess what??? It is delicious! Maybe it’s the hint of brown sugar that gives it such great flavor. The ingredients are pork, water, brown sugar,[…]

Pacific Organic Free Range Chicken Broth – Review

Sometimes I just need 1 cup of chicken broth. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been making my own chicken broth recently, but mostly I freeze it in 14oz increments (about the size of a can) so I can use it in my recipes. The problem is that I have a few recipes that just call for one cup of[…]

So Delicious Dairy Free Organic Chocolate Milk – Review

So I am on a kick with the products offered by So Delicious! I thought while I was mentioning the benefits of coconuts, it just made sense to include another household favorite. So Delicious offers so many wonderful dairy alternatives. My son’s drink of choice is their single serve chocolate coconut milk. We made the mistake at one[…]