Thousand Hills Cattle Company 100% Grass Fed Beef – Review

I’ve been buying Laura’s Lean Beef for a while now, but I’ve recently switched to Thousand Hills Cattle Company beef because it is 100% grass fed…and boy is it delicious!

I’ve heard that grass fed beef can sometimes taste “farm-ish”…if that’s a word! But I haven’t experienced that at all with this ground beef. Even my husband, who I am convinced is the pickiest person I know, likes it. It is so moist and tender. The cows are never given any hormones, antibiotics or grain. They sell 85% lean/15% fat as well as 92% lean/8% fat varieties at Target.

Additionally, I’ve recently purchased their hot dogs, which I LOVE! Now I don’t have to feel guilty about eating a good ‘ol hot dog anymore. Their hot dogs contain no MSG, fillers, preservatives or gluten. They also don’t contain any nitrates (only naturally occuring ones found in celery juice and sea salt). The only ingredients found in these links of heaven are beef, water, sea salt, natural spice, cane sugar, mustard, paprika, celery juice and lactic acid starter culture.

These hot dogs have become my new favorite lunch item. I wrap them in a warmed Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla shell with some spinach and add a little ketchup and mustard. I know…sounds strange…but they are sooo good!